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Created on May 21, 2014

@author: Christoph Paulik

class, kelem_guess=500, max_tries=10)[source]

Bases: object

BUFR reader based on the pybufr-ecmwf package but faster

  • filename (string) – filename of the bufr file

  • kelem_guess (int, optional) – if the elements per variable in as message are known please specify here. Otherwise the elements will be found out via trial and error This works most of the time but is not 100 percent failsafe Default: 500

  • max_tries (int, optional) – the Reader will try max_tries times to unpack a bufr message. Some messages can not be read even if the array sizes are ok. Most of the time these files are corrupt.


IOError: – if a message cannot be unpacked after max_tries tries



Return type

yield results of messages

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